Guest post Friday! With Phil Gerbyshak

Today gues post is courtesy of Phil Gerbyshak from Make it Great! with Phil Gerbyshak.

Phil is shares with us one very special post for him, one he originally wrote on July 30th of 2007 but one that as you can see is very important to everybody today. Enjoy!

Do you get off centered, and forget why you are here on this earth? Do you find yourself wondering what you are most passionate about? 
I do, and as I like to think I'm fairly normal, I'm guessing you do too. So when I was asked by 
Jesse Petersen to share my thoughts on getting back to basics, I thought what a perfect opportunity to get back to my basics, and perhaps help you think about getting back to your basics.
Back to basics

The basic principles in Phil Gerbyshak's life are:
Have fun
Play fair
Love everyone
Live life with a positive outlook, even when it sucks!
Connect with everyone
Help when I can, connect to someone who can help when I can't
Do what I say, and say what I do

OK, so that's what guides my life.

So how am I going to get back to my basics, and more importantly, how can YOU get back to YOUR basics?
1) Write down your core values or guiding principles. Whatever you call them, write them down. You can be like me and put them on your blog.
2) Ask yourself this every time you are faced with a decision of where to invest your 
T2: Does this fit in my guiding principles? If not, ask yourself, "Why am I doing it?" Then decide if it's worthwhile or not. Notice I did not say don't do it, I said decide if it's worthwhile or not. 
3) After 30 days, audit yourself. Think about your values and principles. Did these guide and value you? Do you need to re-write your values and principles statements? 
That's it. 
Now go get back to your basics.

A little information about Phyl.

Phil Gerbyshak is “the Relationship Geek” and the author of the book 10 Ways to Make It Great!, published in June of 2006 to rave reviews.

Phil’s mission on this planet is simple: To help people unleash the greatness inside them, by connecting people to the ideas, people, and information they need to crank it up and take things to the next level.

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