A smile to go

Great learning that my wife and daughter taught me just now.

After a few days of working hard at a marketing seminar and 3 other different presentation I will be delivering this week, working even on Saturday and Sunday since 6:00 am, I’m, as you can imagine, physically and mentally exhausted. And we are just halfway! We still have the fun part to come: Actually presenting.

Anyway, grumpy as I was (as any other guy who is working hard on a Sunday night), I was about to start talking back and angry at whatever comment that came my way. Yes even foolishly at the offerings of help, cheers and support. (Hey! I’m as human and clumsy as the next guy!).

So there I was angrily responding to my wife’s call, putting on my best “no friends” face, as they received me with a huge smile. And not just any smile, but a smile capable of illuminating a lunar night and warming the South Pole completely.

Its curious how the often focus so much on the task at hand that we loose sight of why and for who we are doing it.

So after that refreshing bath of happiness I was able to go back to my PC to finish my pending tasks, including this short but important post with which now I won’t forget to always take from each one of my princesses, a smile to go!

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