So, now what?

Author’s note: even though this post is about a situation pertaining to Mexico (My beloved Country) in particular, it is about something that everybody, no matter their nationality can relate to in this day and age.

4 years and 2 months ago I took these Pictures during a silent march for a crime free Mexico.

Hundreds of thousands, if not over a million people, answered the call made by some civilian organizations that took the lead and the initiative to call citizens to unite in sending a strong and clear message to criminals all around: NO MORE.

Now, a little over four years later, these are the images captured by El Universal Newspaper during yesterday’s march that took place in multiple cities all around Mexico, formed by even more people than the previous one.

People sick and tired of living captives to the fear of being another victim of criminals and violence.

There were some obvious changes versus the 2004 march. It was a lot more organized, the call was stronger and clearer, and better yet, the desired outcome was even clearer. So much that both federal and local governments had already agreed to collaborate with the civil organizations that coordinated this huge effort, and so today they received their leaders to talk about a series of actions to fight insecurity that they are proposing.

Now my question is: Are we really clear on what each of us, as citizens, can do to contribute to this? Or do we think this is just another effort we want to leave in the hands of a few?

“But Efraín, what are you saying? How can we do something to help directly? We are no cops nor politicians to have enough influence?” You might be thinking by now.

But what if I were to say to you, that I do think there are small, even obvious actions, we can all practice every day to contribute to decrease insecurity? In fact just about a year ago, during Mexico’s Independence Day (September 16th), I wrote a similar post, sharing what being patriotic, to me is about.

What about:
  • Starting each day willing to give the very best in us, to collaborate with others and help make life easier on others?
  • Letting the car driver in the next lane, pass so she/he can make the right turn?
  • Or if you are who needs to make the turn, how about taking your turn in line from the beginning instead of trying to jump ahead?
  • Paying your taxes, having your properties in order and abiding the law…Come on, you can’t fool yourself, how frequently do you talk over the phone while driving without using your hands free set?
  • Collaborate with civil organizations that help take homeless people off the street by giving them an opportunity to work?
  • Not littering the streets.
  • Not getting into a fight with the bank clerk or the cashier at the super market because they are not doing their job right. Why not being patient and help them do it better?
  • Not giving any kind of bribes to any police officer or any public servant for that case. If you have any paperwork to do at a government office just do it right and pay what it officially costs.
  • Share your thoughts and your actions with others so we can learn from you too.

I know that by now many of you might be thinking of a lot more, even better ideas, but I think this is a good start.

Start of what? Of taking off the extra weight on the government so we can let them focus on what they have to do: fight crime and decrease insecurity.

Another special note: Before I take off…As promised to some folk who attended some of my keynotes last week, here are the pictures from the presentation at TV Azteca and the keynote at the UNAM.

Were you in one of those? Check out the pictures, maybe you’ll find yourself!

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