A thought about customer service.

Here’s an idea: An account or a client has never been lost because of a huge problem or failure. Rather it’s been the accumulation of little;, at times even almost imperceptible, bad experiences with our company which has made customers abandon our organization.
So that really big problem we thought caused our client to leave was really just the drop that emptied the glass. 
In reality, and I’m sure most of the service marketers will agree on this, if the relationship your brand or company has had with it's customers has been a good one, they will be more likely to understand and even defend you when something goes sour.

On the other hand, even if you have the greatest most unique product or service, if your company has not treated your customer like the expect (and believe me they all expect to be treated like royalty), it won’t matter if you have the latest and greatest product, they’ll use the most simple excuse to drop your services.

Yes, even if you have the best product or service of them all!

Don't get me wrong. I’m not trying to say that we should completely change the company policies that establish the level of attention and involvement per client according to their investment and profitability. Although most times I don't completely agree with the criteria used to define them, I do think these are needed to run a productive operation.
However, what I am saying is that regarding and treating all prospects and clients with the utmost importance should always be a natural and permanent policy in any company.

After all, people do like to do business with the people they like, don’t they?

So, what kind of experience are your providing to your clients?

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