Mekate wednesdays! 10 common mistakes done in a marketing and advertising department.

  1. Ask their Agency to come up with new innovative proposals knowing that they will continue to implement just the same old traditional tactics.

  2. Develop campaigns that the Marketing Director or the CEO will like, instead of one that is really relevant to their target.

  3. Demand that their advertising agency comes up with a completely new campaign in less than a week and not even providing them with a full comprehensive brief.

  4. Thinking that the marketing brief is just a bureaucratic tantrum from the Agency.

  5. Ask their Agency to be more proactive in involving themselves with the company business but no sharing key information like sales reports, budget, up coming products, etc. because its “confidential information”.

  6. Assume that no one in Mexico (or wherever you are, for that matter) uses Internet, while at this very moment they are reading this post in this blog!

  7. Asking for one creative change at a time, instead of providing one full round of feedback to make the process more efficient.

  8. Wanting the brand manager to see the campaign first so he can ask for changes before presenting to the grouper so he can ask for his changes before presenting to the CMO, so he can ask for his changes before presenting to the CEO so he can ask for his changes…well you get my drift…

  9. Thinking that if they press their agency and media to deliver a way lower cost they are doing their job, instead of focusing on developing great campaigns that are worth a lot more than they cost.

  10. Getting mad at me for writing so frankly this post instead of asking themselves what kind of mistakes they are doing and how they can fix them.

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