What super powers would you like to have?

How many times when you were a kid and were with your friends or even now as an adult or when you are day dreaming or right after watching a movie of the kind, have you asked yourself: What kind of super power would I like to have? or, which super hero would I like to be?

Fly like Superman, being invisible like Sue Richards, have the strength of a 100 men like Hulk, telekinesis like a Jedi, spontaneous regeneration like Claire Benett, bionic vision like Steve Austin or simply absorbing the super powers of everybody you come in contact with like Peter Petrelli.

Hundreds of ideas come to mind when we ask ourselves this kind of question, and so many more when we ask what we would do if we did have them.

“I’d be invisible to go into the women’s dressing room” a teenager might say. “I’d fly away from home” an abused house wife could think, “I’d use telekinesis to do my job without moving a finger” others would choose, but I’d like to think that most of us would choose to use their powers to help others. I choose to think they would.

Well, I have great news for all! Special powers do exist and anybody has the potential to add them to their personal arsenal. The question that remains is: Which powers will you choose?

Here are my suggestions:

Super hearing: sorry, I don’t mean the kind where you can hear what’s happening miles away or in the room behind the concrete wall. The super hearing I’m talking about is much more powerful than that. It’s the ability to know how to listen. Being capable of remaining quiet as others speak, cancelling every thought we have in preparation of an immediate answer and listening, comprehending, understanding, sympathizing and empathizing with what the other person is sharing with you, without the need to impose your voice over them.

Super strength: No, I don’t mean the strength of a 100 men that would make us capable of lifting a building with our bare hands like Superman. I’m talking about a much stronger strength, one capable of building a life full of honesty, plenitude and authenticity: the power of will.

Super vision: yeap, not talking about being able to see over long distances, although distance in time is part of this special ability with which we’d be capable of observing every detail in our current situation and could see all the opportunities that lay in it for today, tomorrow and in the long run too.

Self regeneration: we might not be able to grow a finger that has been severed from our foot, but being able to self regenerate will allow us to recover from the great blows we might get in life. This is the ability to pick ourselves up, learn the lessons in life and put them into our “bat belt” of useful experiences that will help us overcome the challenges of tomorrow as we keep on growing and escalating towards our personal mountain top.

Telekinesis: mmm not we may not be able to move stuff without touching it and by just thinking of it, but how about the power of authentic leadership that presents us with the ability to motivate and move tenths, hundreds, thousands or millions of people towards one common objective. Special note: with this power one is required to the roll up his sleeves and be part of the action.

Now, What if one person could absorb all this special abilities plus some others like humility, charity, honesty and many more at once? I’d call that power Integrity.

So the question remains: What kind of super powers would you like to have?

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