Who do you admire?

According to the polls, the main reason why an employee might be unhappy with his jo bis the lack of recognition for his or her work. But really giving recognition to people is not the company’s fault but rather the person’s who manage it. Really, when was the last time you heard someone say the company xx did not appreciate them? What we say is: my boss doesn’t care what I do or don’t.

When we talk about not being appreciated enough by the organization we work for, we are really talking about the people who we work with. And talking about these people is that we need to recognize that we ourselves are guilty of doing exactly the same.

No? Hmmm… Exactly, to how many people did you praise last week, last month or even last year?

See? We do forget to make people around us feel recognized, appreciated and admired. And I don’t mean just folks at work but our family and friends too.

So, that’s why I decided that this week I would share with you a list of 10 persons I admire and respect and why:

-          My wife: for her huge capacity to love, for her dedication, for being ability to light up a whole room when entering it, for her ever growing strength and maturity.

-          My daughter: because the first thing she always does every morning as she wakes up is smile, a smile that lights up our days and because she is always sharing her smile and love with everyone she meets. What a great lesson for us to learn! (Imagine when she starts talking!).

-          My friend since elementary school, Mario, for his enormous entrepreneur spirit and ability to find a great business opportunity in everything, and his willingness to share his success.

-          Mi friend Fillo, because he receives everyone he meets with a smile and always has something nice to say to them that will surely leave them feeling good. I can perfectly picture him saying something nice as he reads this post.

-          My colleagues at work AnaSo, Mr. White, Aarón, Santi, Krusty, Kike and Jack for their deep knowledge of their work and their willingness to always share it and help.

-          My old boss at Grey Group Riccard, for his passion and loyalty to his company. Very few people do I know who have that kind of dedication for their organization.

-          My friend Clau for the strength and will she’s demonstrated by staying at a foreign country, creating a great life for her and her kids.

-          My high school friend Carlos for his dedication, focus, dedication and hard work in everything he does (work, sports, studied, family and friends).

-          My parents for sticking together after so many years and so many overcome challenges.

-          My guru Robin Sharma (yes you don’t need to meet someone in person to admire them) for how his lessons helped me give such a positive shift to my life.

There you have it, my personal list of 10 people who I admire and why.

It’s your turn no, write, share it here or not, but do not let another week pass without sharing it with them.

2 comentarios:

whatswithinu dijo...

Efrain, what an awesome post and reminder to really let people know how you feel about them! Thank you, my friend.

Efraín Mendicuti dijo...

Thanks Pam! Yes it's amazing how often we can complain about not getting enough recognition, when we are also not giving any! So from now on I will remember to tell people I admire that I do.

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