Never stop climbing.

We were about to start a meeting with a company that, even though its local and has 100% independent local investment, has achieved a considerable amount of success during its 20 years of existence, competing even with some of the leading global companies in its industry.
Considering all these, the meeting was very promising to us. However, their team was late and very distracted; some even seemed to have no other option but to be there. Everything would change as soon as their leader got there I thought, but it shouldn’t have resulted a big surprise to see that he got there even later than his team, interrupting the presentation my colleague was already delivering, by opening his laptop in front of everybody and starting to type and type as if the keyboard was about to be erased, only to stop to interrupt a few more times.

And as I was observing how the rest of the folks there started to follow the bad example of their (ok l I’ll say it) “successful” leader, I could not help but remind myself:

Never deceive yourself by thinking that you have reached your last mountain top. Don’t create false illusions thinking that you have gotten as high as you could ever have or done as much as you could have done.

If you find yourself in such a position react quickly and look for a new mountain top to reach.

Because it seems that once someone achieves success and reaches the top, they sit down to enjoy their success and forget to keep going.
The subtle voices of reason and the heart are drowned by the loud noise of success, so they forget to keep quiet and listen, learn and keep growing because they rather keep their bragging rights.

And just like every single thing in nature, once a person stops growing he/she starts to die.

So here’s my question to you: have you reached you mountain top yet? What is your plan for after you reach it? What will you do next? What new mountain you plan to climb then?

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