Words of excellence.

Yeap I know. I’ve said this quite too many times before: “Everything we create in life we create twice; first when we think it, imagine it, fear it, resist it or dream it, and the when we experience it in real life”.

And I insist on it. So here is a practical example of what I mean: Words of Excellence.

Each time we speak, the words that come out of our mouth cross our minds first.
It doesn’t matter how fast we process our answers, we always have the opportunity to prevent what we are going to say. And the words we most frequently use are a direct reflection of who we are and how we live and experience life.Thus the importance of always using words of excellence.

Think of all the really successful people you know, not just the big business hot shots, but the teachers that influenced your life, the coaches of high performance athletes and athletes themselves, the mothers and fathers who’ve helped great personalities be who they are, the best sales reps who always exceed their quotas and have loyal clients, the artists who are most loved by their audience, the regular people you like to see the most at work, at school or at whatever activity you have.

All of them have one thing in common: they always use words of excellence that motivates and engages people around. Pessimist and negative words are not part of their vocabulary, they never answer with an “it can’t be done” but rather with a “we’ll find the way to make it possible”. They do not hide behind “victimisim”. And from their lips you will only hear positive words like excellent, great, congratulations, huge opportunity, great potential, happy, fun, greatness, yes it is possible, of course, I will be more than glad to help you!

I’m sure by now, you must have thought of more than two persons who fit this profile, they are the people we see shining on some stages, surprising us at the Olympics, motivating a whole group of professionals during a conference, changing the way people think or feel through their books; and they are also the partner you share your life with, the colleague with whom you have lunch every day or the friend you can’t miss calling every week.

And it can be us as well, as long as we form the habit of every day using words of excellence that move our life. Because, once again, every word that leaves our mouth, first crosses our mind, and what we create in our minds, sooner, rather than later, reflects directly in our life.

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