I need your help

What an active week the last one was! Definitely full of great events!

First, starting with a keynote at the WTC in Mexico City for the “Empresas 2.0” conference.

Then following up with the presentation at the “Universidad de Monterrey” and the “Empresas 2.0” Keynote at Monterrey as well; and then closing with a bang with the presentation of the YouTube Awards chapter with the “Círculo Creativo” (Creative Circle).

And just as promised here are a few pictures of the people who participated in the conferences…see if you show in one of them!

It’s funny, but when you dedicate a big part of your work and time to writing and public speaking you can get used to talk, to giving away suggestions and advice; although more frequent than not, you can forget to follow the very same recommendations you give. So thinking about this and looking to answer a question I’ve been asking myself for a few months now, is that I now am asking you for your advice.

You just need to answer the following 5 very simple questions. I will not take you more than a couple of minutes and you will be helping me out big time! So please do share your thoughts with me.

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Char Paul dijo...

an interesting site sure to be of use to marketing and business students who visit mine.

Would you like to Guest Blog sometime?

Efraín Mendicuti dijo...

hi Char!

I'd love to have these students visit The daily and the not so!

And I'd love to guest blog with you. Hopefully you can also guest blog at The daily and the not so!

I'll DM you with more details!



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