What are you feeding yourself with?

Twitts, status updates in FaceBook, MySpace or Orkut, videos posted in YouTube and comments around those; among others, key factors that have changed the way we consume the information around us.

It has never been so easy to connect with so many sources of information at the same time and find out even that a “friend” is doing in Paris.

Incredible! Genious! Or not?

It’s just that at the same time we have turned into professional vouyerists capable of absorbing everything our “followers” and “friends” are doing, we’ve allowed all that disinformation to occupy the important space that we previously allocated to learning.
I know dozens of people, including myself, who have been substituting books and blogs with microblogging and status updates, saturating ourselves with not always useful information.

With this of course, I do not mean that we should give up on Twitter or FaceBook and whatever social network you are in to. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am and avid user of these platforms and I don’t intend to stop.

That said, what my intention is though, is start to nurture my mind with useful information once again. Spend less time reading empty twits and dedicate more time to those persons who really bring something to the conversation. I mean, unless we have a previous, personal or professional relationship, the possibilities of me caring about you “having a giant hot dog” are pretty thin, none really. However if you have an experience, a lesson, an advice, an opinion or any type of information that offers real value, it won’t matter if I haven’t met you in all my life, I will surely be interested in what you have to say.

But this “information diet” is not only about limiting the time I spend participating in social networks; rather it is about increasing my consumption of blogs, forums and books (e-books too).

It’s about getting back to my old practice of filtering the information I let into my mind; it's about being selective and looking for ways to learn and grow.

A couple of years ago I decided I would not watch anymore news shows on TV nor would I listen to any on the radio or read any papers; that helped improve my mood and even helped me sleep better at night. Back then I chose to get my information from other sources like books, blogs and podcasts from real thought leaders, people who really want to collaborate with others. And so I started working on my blog roll and RSS Feeds from great personalities like Robin Sharma, Seth Godin, Joseph Jaffe or Mitch Joel.

Today I realized I’ve abandoned my blog roll for too long and it is time to start visiting it again!

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2 comentarios:

Weymaster dijo...

I think you are absolutely right. Information should be filtered and not EVERY voice has something useful to say.

I'm only worried I'll be one of the ones you filter, hahaha.

Actually Hideo Kojima talks about this topic in a videogame called Metal Gear Solid 2; there is this secret almighty society that controls the world from within the shadows and they realize that the digital era has made it very difficult for the important or valuable information to trascend. They develop this AI system that they plan to use to control the information flow and allow only whay they consider fit or valuable to get to the people.

Self Censorship is good, in my opinion. I just don't want somebody else telling me what is important and what is not.

He dicho.

Efraín Mendicuti dijo...

Thank you @weymaster!
Don't worry I will not filter you out :)

I like what you said. I don't want anyone else telling me what is and is not important to share, either.

Hopefully we'll all learn how to be relevant and add value to the conversation.

Thanks again and twitt ya' later!

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