Another year with a balance in my favor.

For the last couple of years, around these days which mark the end of the year and the start of a new one, I’ve written a post titled “One more year with a favorable balance”, in which I recap and thank each and every one of the blessings that marked my life that year.

And this year cannot be the exception, because if there has ever been a year full of blessings for me this one surely was.

So thank you 2008 for being a great year, thanks life for giving me another year with a favorable balance!

Thank you for my beautiful daughter, healthy, happy and full of joy.

Thank you for my beautiful wife, healthy, happy and brilliant.

Thank you for the light that my two princesses shine into my life everyday.

Thank you for our home full or light, love, harmony, peace, safety, abundance and prosperity.

Thank you for my health

Thank you for our families, parents, siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews and everybody else.

Thank you for our life long friends, loyal, close and healthy; and thank you the our new friends as well.

Thank you for our jobs: productive, honest and surrounded by good and well intentioned people.

Thank you for the chance of connecting with so many people through this blog.

Thank you for the opportunity of collaborating with so many different initiatives like the book The Age of Conversation 2, the speaking engagements at different conferences, forums and events, the training seminars and teaching at El Semillero.

And thank you in advance 2009 for all the blessings and opportunities you already bring for us.

Thank you again because, as I’ve said before, every year keeps getting better!

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