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How many of you are concerned, even obsessed with the economic crisis that is going on around the world today? How many hours have you already dedicated to follow the news each step of the way?

I even know some people who check the stock and the exchange rates every two hours. And I cannot help but ask: Is it really useful to obsess so much and spend so much time watching how the markets fall?

I definitely think that what’s truly important and what’s really going to help us all make things better is focusing on our work. Stop worrying so much about the stuff we cannot do anything about and dedicate ourselves to being productive with those things that are inside our circle of influence.

For example, I’ve always said that establishing solid relationships with our clients is of the utmost importance, even more important than sales quotas, commercial objectives and (how dare I) operation costs. Quotas will come and go, hopefully these will always be achieved, though sometimes won’t. But a loyal client, with whom we’ve created a strong, real relationship, will most likely, always be there.

Lately, I’ve listened to the marketing experts say that these trying times are also a great opportunity for on-line media (which I absolutely think so too by the way). But I also think that we have a huge opportunity to strengthen our relationships with our clients.

Not by giving away our work for free, not even by giving them a discount so they keep buying from us. A good and loyal client after all, understands the value of our work and will always be willing to pay what’s fair for it, even during hard times or despise tempting “lower prices” offers from our competitors.

But by giving them an even better service, making them know that we are there for them, providing them with a great customer experience and adding a whole lot more value to what we provide for them.

How? Here are a few suggestions:

-          Let’s start with a simple phone call at the beginning of the week, with no agenda but knowing how they are doing, how is their business, even how their family is doing. Just send the message that you are there.

-          Second, share your value (your network). If you know that a client or a vendor of you (yes our suppliers are our clients too), can benefit from connecting with one of your contacts, connect them. Send and introductory e-mail saying: “Dear friend X, I think you’d probably like to meet my friend Y. I hope you can get in touch and talk about how you two can collaborate with each other, and please let me know how it all turns out”.

-          Now, let’s follow up with a little quick and effective response timings. Time is today’s currency they say, and in times like these, it actually is. Companies today have very little to no time to follow up on your deliverables, so do them a favor and make sure to be one step ahead, they will surely be thankful for it.

-          And finally let’s close big by making sure we are friendly, kind and collaborative with every single person we interact with. Believe me, if there is one thing people need today is to see a friendly, smiling face asking them “How can I help you?”

Not much? Maybe, but let’s start with something, right?

And on another note, I want to thank Katedra for their invitation to participate as speaker at their Digital Marketing Seminar in Mexico City a couple of weeks ago, it sure was a pleasure to collaborate with you and share some time with such a terrific and dynamic audience.



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