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How bad do you suppose your product or service is?

Why do we like to be treated ill? Why do we ask people to complain about us and recommend us how we can be not so bad? Why do we assume that we are doing it all wrong instead of focusing on doing it all right?

It doesn’t matter where we are, in the supermarket, in a department or a convenience store, walking on the street or driving around, we see it everywhere: clear invitations from insecure brands (no matter their size) asking us to complain:

“Complaints”, “Suggestions”, “Report it at…” or in the best case “Customer Service”, Isn’t any point of contact with a client, customer service, anyway?

Isn’t it ridiculous? We spend so much time trying to convey a positive image for our brand, we invest so many resources to make people want to interact with our brand, so that in the end, through a very poor word “Complaints”, we can tell our customers: “Yeah, we know, we most likely screwed it up, all the effort we did to bring you all the way to here, we probably wasted by not fulfilling your expectations, so please do let us know how bad we did this time, please complain and suggest to us how we can be not so bad”.

I just don’t understand it! Why not invest as much as we do in creating perceptions and attracting people to our business, in delivering an incredible and unique brand experience that surpasses our customer’s expectations?

Let’s make sure that we are really doing the best we can and that the best we can is way more than what our customers expect.

Do this and then invite our customers to call our 1-800 Congratulations and Appreciations line

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