Where you are now and where you are going in life.

I ask: Are you not comfortable where you are right now in life? Are you not happy with the way things work at home, at school, at work or with a relationship? Is it just that you don’t like certain things or forms or id there a deeper reason for your dislike?

I suggest: Maybe where you are right now, as much as you dislike it, is precisely where you need to be. Maybe you are right there to prepare yourself for what’s coming next, to learn and be able to take the next step.

So you might ask: But how can I know that if I don’t even know what my next step should be? Heck, I don’t even have the slightest idea of where I want to go in life!

I reply: “There is nothing more useless as doing efficiently that which you should not be doing in the first case” said Peter Drucker.

So I suggest: Do a profound analysis of who you are. Learn what moves you in life, what task fills you with passion and moves you from within. Determine what your calling is, what your personal legend should be.

When you are clear on this and really know what you want to do with your life it’s really easy to determine whether the position where you are in today is just a building block for your personal growth where you will learn and gather the experience you’ll need to overcome the challenges of tomorrow, even if you are there to help someone too before you can move on.
Or understand that where you are standing right now has nothing to do with where you want to go. And if this is the case it is time to celebrate because you will not be wasting anymore time because now you’ve earn the opportunity to make the right choice, to take a deep breath and a huge leap of faith towards your personal legend.

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