Guest Post Friday's: Your Well-Being Can’t Be Found in a Pouch of Instant.

Do I have a surprise for you today! As I had mentioned in another time, starting today, every Friday I will be sharing with you a new type of post for The daily and the not so. It will be a series of special guest posts written by some of the most important bloggers in the blogosphere today, who have given me the honor of accepting my invitation to share their thoughts as guest bloggers in my blog.
And to launch this new section we could no have a better guest! Pam Thomas from Walking my own walk.


" Your Well-Being Can’t Be Found in a Pouch of Instant.

We live in a world where instant gratification and instant results seems to be a theme; instant (or near instant) weight loss, instant meals, instant answers, you name it. What happened to taking some things slowly, putting in the effort, and exploring? Please don’t get me wrong, I am not criticizing the “instant” industry or anyone who partakes in it; sometimes I like to get instant results too, however, what I have come to realize, instant answers are not always the right answers especially when it comes to our emotional and mental well-being.

Why aren’t instant answers the way to go?

Sometimes those instant answers only deal with the symptoms, providing us with temporary relief. Think about it, in order to kill a weed for good you have to get to the roots, or the source. If you just pull the weed and leave the roots, guess what? The weed comes back. The same holds true with the issues that often rear their heads on the emotional and mental well-being front. Getting to the source of any issue, whether it is fear, limiting beliefs or tolerations sometimes takes time, but most importantly it takes awareness as to what is causing those issues.

Awareness really is key and if we are zooming along trying to find that “quick fix” we may miss out on the signs that lead to the awareness we need in order to find the long-lasting answers. So the next time you’re in the mood for a “quick fix” to one of life’s more complex issues, please take the time to ask yourself the following, “Would I benefit more from temporary relief or long-term relief?”

Please never discount the fact that you are worth making the effort. Take time to explore and look for the source rather than grab for the “latest and greatest” instant solution. Leave the instant to coffee, tea, and even fast food, but not your mental and emotional well-being."

Pam Thomas is a Certified professional Coach through the International Coach Federation, and her training at CoachInc.com.

She also has a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and leads her own Coaching firm What's within you, You can read all she has to share with us at her Blog: www.walkingmyownwalk.com Don’t miss out on it!

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