PRÉNATAL gets it.

Still talking about great customer service and the creation of “WOW” experiences. That is generating special moments for your clients when they are visiting your business.
I want to share a great example of a successful chain store, not only for the quality of its products but for the warmth and quality of their excellent service: PRÉNATAL.
An European Babies and maternity chain store. As you may imagine its prices are not cheap, actually most people think they are quite expensive but after experiencing their great service I can clearly see what elements form part of their prices. Now let me tell you my story.

As you can imagine, as first time parents there are lots of articles and accessories that neither my wife nor I had image we would need, much less how we should use them.
We only knew that we should follow all recommendations our doctors (the real Mythbusters, but that is a story for another post) made. And that we did.
They recommended us we get a post partum girdle for my wife and referred us to PRÉNATAL. I could have easily gone to another store but luckily I did not.

“Excuse mam, I’m looking for a girdle…for my wife I mean”, I nervously said to the pregnant woman on the other side of the counter. “Of course sir, we have a couple of different types but my partner will show them to you” she replied.
I was then directed to the back of the store, where they have all the maternity articles, there the woman who was now my personal consultant started asking me questions to determine which was the best suited girdle for me…for my wife I mean.
She explained to me that there are girdles for natural births and others for C-sections, she also told me that the size should be the same size that my wife usually wears but that I might want to get her a larger size so she could be more comfortable, and as if this wasn’t enough she then taught me how to put it on.
Proud and happy for getting one of my first tasks as a first time dad done, I stroll down the other departments in the store, searching for whatever cool articles I could get for my baby and my wife. During my entire visit I was helped but never overwhelmed with over attention. If I wanted to see something by myself they would leave me alone but stayed alert to whatever new question I might have had. If another customer came into the store, they would direct him to another associate so we could all have their complete attention.
Then, after a good half an hour inside the store I finally arrived at the cashier where they also explained to me all the additional free services they had for families, like workshops for moms and dads, I even registered for a first aids for babies one!
I paid and just as I was waiting for my consultant to give me my bags she surprised me again by walking me to the door, where she then gave me my bags, thanked me for my visit and whished me and my family a great day.

Expensive store? Yes, definitely.
Was this just another sales strategy? Of course it was!!! But what customer service program isn’t created to drive more sales?
The problem is that very few brands understand the real value of delivering an authentic customer service that really creates WOW experiences for their clients as they do in PRÉNATAL.

And you know what else? I went back a couple of days later too.

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