Changing a rule.

Lately I have been writing about the 5 determinant factors that I’m convinced, define how we live our lives. I still have two to go, but this week I want to share something I have been giving much thought to and I’d love to hear your point of view so PLEASE share your comments with everybody.

It’s about a change of paradigm, changing the rule or better said the way we think about money.

Do you want more money?

Well, here’s the change I’m talking about: You don’t necessarily need to make more money in order to have more of it available. On the contrary, what you need is to do is spend more…intelligently what you have.
I’m not talking about spending less and depriving yourself of the things you need or like, but rather I’m talking about clearly understanding what our real needs are.
If we do so we’ll see that we do have enough to cover the 100% of our needs.

It’s not new to say that in order for us to search for our personal realization; we first need to ensure all of our needs are completely met. And like it or not, these are mainly covered with economical resources.

But here is the secret of many millionaire men and women: To make money, first you have to get rid of the need of having money.

Usually we would be mistaken and think that we then needed to look for new ways to earn a whole lot more money. But that is exactly where the trap lies. This kind of thinking is desperate and desperation usually leads us to making impulsive decisions, which in this case, could mean accepting a work or commercial proposal that, even though could help us improve our economic urgency for 1 or 2 months, it would not ensure doing anything for us personally, and most likely than not, since we would be “making more money” we could start spending a lot more of it which would get us right back to our original predicament.

On the other hand, if we change the way we think about this, even when it may sound dangerous and even foolish, not to take the other job; by prioritizing our expenses and eliminating or at least reducing to a minimum those expenses that in the end don’t really add any value to our lives, we would be pushing aside the need to make extra money.
In my case, a useless expenditure that I have is all the chewing gum I buy.

By getting rid of this valueless expenditure we free a big amount of money, making it available to cover the really important needs we have in our lives, including, yes, even a lot of personal treats.

This way we can get rid of the need to earn more money because we would already have our needs satisfied; Something that would allow us to work on our personal and professional growth, making us more productive and efficient, which in the short, medium and long run, will result in having a better income and, of course, more money.

Again, with all this, I’m not saying that we should not look for a better job that promises a higher income, what I am saying is that when we do so, we better be sure that all our needs are already covered, so we can take the job not because of the money, but because it is right for us.

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